About us

The Global City Lab is a specialized urban research, consulting and evaluation agency affiliated with the Global Interactive Group. It is headquartered in New York, with representative offices in London and Shanghai. Our understanding of cities, both theoretically and practically, stands at a turning point in history. Cities around the world are facing challenges in globalization, digitalization and intelligentization. We aim to theoretically and practically rethink urban issues including policy, governance, planning, branding, investment and tourism etc.

As a new urban think tank, the mission of the Global City Lab is to provide comprehensive city expert network services to cities, enterprises and non-profit organizations around the world, especially to provide customers with industry-wide cross-sector assistance. Moreover, we will combine the wisdom of top experts in urban related fields, and carry out systematic research and consultation on prominent issues in planning, housing, ecology, environment, economy, finance, branding and public policy in urban construction.

The Global City Lab connects with city and corporate decision makers with first-hand knowledge. Experts with matching background knowledge are invited to participate in research projects, which are more scientific, authoritative and practical. Furthermore, members of the expert group provide consultation through meetings, phone calls and online surveys, especially in direct dialogue with experts, in order to provide an open communication space for decision makers, entrepreneurs and investors, so that their questions get more targeted answers.

Urban branding has evolved from marketing techniques used for developing the potential tourism industry to a highly developed urban management tool in public management. City leaders have recognized the importance of building a competitive international identity for a city. Global City Lab is the world's first professional institution engaged in the evaluation of city brand values. We analyze and measure the development levels and brand values of cities around the world from six perspectives: economy, culture, governance, environment, talent and reputation. We also release the analysis report of Global 500 City Brands list every year.